Classic Elastomeric Deck Coatings Application



Classic Elasto Coat (CEC) single component product low voc waterborne Opaque (solid) colors. Classic Elasto coat is designed to expand & contract , bridging hairline cracks on flat & vertical surfaces. Ideally used on pool decks, concrete surfaces, wood fences, balconies, decks, masonry, pavers, stones, stucco, block walls, bricks and concrete restoration projects . It may be used for interior, exterior, flat & vertical surfaces applications in a wide range of climates. Excellent UV stability early water repellent and will not yellow, CEC is design as a long lasting top coat coating that would be flexible and at the same time a hard surface for high traffic area. Classic (CEC) available in smooth, anti-skid or clear finish. low maintenance provided if the surface is properly prepared. Environmentally safe easy to apply & clean, ready to use with a medium sheen finish. When using more than one gallon it is HIGHLY recommended to mix together in a clean 5 gallon pail, available in1gal, 5 & 55 gallon drum. New concrete must cure for 28 days.

Typical Use
Over concrete restoration projects.
Pool decks & balconies.
Tennis & basketball courts
Block walls & Stucco.
Concrete surfaces & uneven grey or color concrete.
Sidewalks, bricks, patios, pavers.
Wood, balconies.
Spanish tile & certain natural stone.
Helps resists early water penetration.
Waterborne low voc & no fumes.
High UV stability & flexible.
Excellent adhesion & durability.
High traffic area & good hot tire pick up.
Easy to clean & seal
Low cost, easy installation, low maintenance.
26 color available & custom color.
Easy to mix.
Can be sealed after 24 hours.
Not for use on wet surfaces.
Must use cw305 Super Eco-etch to clean surface and rise well with water.
Applications temperature should be between 55° F and 95° F.
Must be installed over a clean & dry surface.
High traffic area seal with Classic recommended sealer.
Do not allow to freeze.


2a) System thickness
3-4 wet mils per coat
Standard application is two coats

2b) Coverage per gallon
150-300sq ft.

2c) Abrasion - Great

2d) Solids content by weight 29%

2e) Cure Time at 77°F
Dry to touch 20 minutes
Recoat - 1/2-1hr
Light foot traffic 6 hours
Fully cure - 7 days ATTN: Read MSDS before Handling and Application 2f) ASTM D- 2354


A) Surface preparation removal of laitance, grease and foreign matter.
B) Apply first coat by roller, brush or airless sprayer.
C) Clean surface with CW305 Super Eco-Etch & rinse well with water.
D) Wait 24-48 hours for surface to dry completely.
E) Apply First coat left to right second coat up and down.


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R 12-28-13
It is HIGHLY recommended that onsite samples and mock-ups be made by the applicator. Representative test sections must be produced for the Owner’s approval in writing and to ensure that applicators are familiar with the product and installation procedures.


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