About Us

We’ve been pioneering industry-leading decorative concrete technology since 1989.

We combine decades of industry experience with hands-on knowledge in decorative concrete design to deliver over 300 innovative products that transform ordinary concrete into extraordinary and durable works of art.

While others bring about concrete paint and sealers, we take a step back. We formulate collections of breathtaking concrete cosmetics and artistic designs that make plain concrete look sensational. We love innovating new ideas. Translating bold concepts into a functional palette of complete range of decorative concrete technology that offers you the industry professional boundless options.

Our professional range of products is a meticulous architecture of beauty mixed with scientific expertise. We see every concrete as a blank canvas and an opportunity to create something magical. We also innovate and produce specialized solution, which combined with our expertise enable industry professionals to recreate stunning transformations for their own clients.

Think of us as concrete transformation technology pioneers – we offer you a complete collection of concrete cosmetics to help you push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We offer you ease of application, simple mixing procedures and fast drying time to ensure your decorative jobs are done professionally, efficiently and, most importantly, profitably. Servicing our clients with affordable pricing, hosting training seminars and providing 24- hour customer support pillars all to help and support you in having a successful business.

What makes us different is our insatiable appetite for innovation. We are not afraid to play and experiment in order to arm you with the tools and strategies you need to create breathtaking and durable results time efficiently.

Our blend of relentless practice over the past 20 years and constant research conducted alongside our expert chemists has produced the most cutting-edge solutions in the protection, restoration and decorative concrete technology.

Formulating our products for accent colors and natural looking variations, we strive to achieve an architectural coating that complies with the EPA standards with an eye for more “eco-friendly” solutions that produce amazing results and are healthier to work with.

Because of our expansive education, we have mastered innovating a product line that allows our buyers to obtain the most surface area using the least amount of product needed.

Our products have been tried and tested in diverse applications, ranging from architectural use in commercial and residential settings to restaurants, shopping malls and show rooms, and even luxurious estates of professional sport figures and red carpet celebrities. Our decorative concrete technology has also been used in government entities such as the Metro link and public transportation such as Cal Trans.

Our working relationships with contractors, architects and a variety of reputable distributors throughout the United States and overseas to the Middle East and Europe allows for us to have a continuous finger on the pulse of this fast-growing market.

We strive to be the first choice in architectural decorative concrete coatings. It’s a bold and ambitious goal especially in this overcrowded industry, but we see the positive feedback from our clients as a pat on the back for a job well done and a confirmation that we’re on the right track!