CW410 High Performance Epoxy-zeroVOC water base

Our premium two component A & B 100% solid solvent free self leveling epoxy coating. Formulated for demanding environmental application. Provides a tough high gloss finish that combines acid and chemical resistant. High solid & high performance non-yellowing coating used for Interior only. May be applied as thin as 10 mills and thick as 1/2" one product replaces 3-fill cracks, spelled concrete and it is also a self primer. Easy to apply high gloss-8 stock colors (including clear). Can be used with our water base stains to achieve a colorful epoxy. Use on garage floors, process areas, warehouse, docks laboratories, food & Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industry and manufacturing facility. The only water base epoxy that can be used with a chips system. Color can also be added with our water base stains. Suitable for use at USDA facilities. Is a environmentally friendly product. Cover 250-300sq. ft. per gallon.
Highly recommended to test a small area first.
Available in a 1gal pail & a 5gal pail.