CW409 High Performance Sealer-zeroVOC water base

Is our premium two component A & B high solid. High performance UV protection. Abrasion & chemical resistant. Has a non-yellowing coating. Recommended uses for Interior & Exterior. Can be applied direct to many surfaces without the need of a primer. It's coating is flexible. Can be used in the Food & Beverage industry & the Pharmaceutical Industry as well as on concrete, driveways, flagstone, bricks, metal, aluminum, galvanized metal and wood. Color can also be added with our water base stains. Suitable for use at USDA facilities. Environmentally Friendly & Economically Proven. Covers up to 300-400sq. ft. per gallon. Slippery when wet. Must use C007 Super Diamond Grip Anti-slid gallon pail. Highly recommended to test a small area first.
Available in a 1gal pail & a 5gal pail.