CL401 Wet look Lacquer High Gloss Zero VOC

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A) Composition
Classic Coatings Pro-Seal 4000 Wet Look is a clear low voc, single component, high solids, acrylic sealer designed to be used over most Classic Acid or water base Stains polymer modified cementitious toppings, concrete and waterborne colorants, concrete, masonry, stone, pavers and brick. It may be used for exterior applications in a wide range of climates. Pro-Seal 4000 Wet Look has excellent UV stability and will not yellow. Pro-Seal 4000 Wet Look sealer is formulated primarily as a clear seal for applications over concrete restoration products and pool deck coatings where a low maintenance, easily cleanable surface is desired. May also be applied to Spanish tile, stucco, masonry, overlays and natural stone, provided the surface is properly prepared. Pro-Seal 4000 Wet Look is environmentally safe and cleans up with soap and water. Available in 1gl, 5gl and 55gl drums. Caution: Surface is slippery when wet. New concrete must cure for 28 days before sealer is apply.

B) Typical Uses

Pool Decks (Slippery when wet)
Over Concrete Restoration Products and Architectural Toppings
Concrete Floors
Sidewalks, Driveways, Patios
Stucco, Masonry, Spanish Tile and Natural Stone

C) Advantages
Resists water penetration
Solvent Free, low voc
High Solids; High UV stability- High-gloss
Excellent adhesion, durability
Low cost, easy installation, low maintenance

D) Limitations
May reflect working cracks in substrate.
Applications temperature should be between 55° F and 85° F.
Must be installed over a clean dry surface.


A) System thickness
3-4 wet mils per coat
Standard application is two coats

B) Coverage per liquid gallon
250-400 sq ft per US gallon

C) Abrasion - Good

D) Impact resistance
Passes Direct > 158 inch lbs
Reverse > 158 inch lbs

E) Flexibility
(ASTM D-1737, 175° Bend,

F ) Solids Content by Volume 23+ %

G) Cure Time at 75°F

Dry to touch 15-30 minutes.
Recoat - 2-3 hours.
Light foot traffic 8 hours
Full cure - 3-4 days

Attention: Read MSDS before Handling and Application


A) Prepare surface by careful and thorough removal of laitance, grease and foreign matter.
B) Apply first coat of Pro-Seal 4000Wet Look by roller or pump sprayer.
C) Apply second coat (and third coat when heavy traffic requires after 30 days) by roller or pump sprayer.

Note: Pro-Seal 4000 Wet Look when used with a small percentage of Classic Coating 7000 series pigment concentrate can also provide a carrier for stain washing and faux finish techniques.

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